As we say goodbye to the warm days of summer and usher in the cool winter air, many people are wondering how they will ever be able to stay faithful to their workout routines. It is true that snow covered lawns and ice covered windshields make going to the gym seem a lot less appealing. In a season where bulky sweaters and extra layers are more than just a fashion statement, it is easy to let ourselves go and make peace with our love of holiday baked goods. But don’t go into hibernation mode just yet. Here are a few tips to keep you moving throughout the winter months.

  1. For these cold, dark days utilize the buddy system. Not only does working out with a friend help to make the experience more enjoyable, but it helps to keep us motivated and accountable. Let’s face it, we are less likely to blow off the gym if we know it will affect someone else’s progress as much as our own. Pair up with a buddy once or twice a week to help guarantee you will make it to your workouts consistently throughout the winter season.
  2. Try participating in activities that help to make exercise feel less like a chore. Many people believe that an hour at the gym is the only way to work out. But exercise doesn’t have to be mundane. Exercise is anything that gets you moving! Try signing up for an indoor sport, such as soccer or volleyball. Give wall climbing a try. How about organizing a night of roller skating or extreme trampoline with friends and family? If it gets your heart pumping and your muscles working, then it’s exercise.
  3. Embrace winter sports. Skiing anybody? Most people shut themselves up during the winter months and wait for the world to thaw, but there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep our heart rates up and our muscles working. Cross-country skiing, down-hill skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or simply sledding and playing in the snow with the kids are fun ways to stay active throughout the season. Finding activities that help you to embrace the cold weather will not only keep you physically conditioned, but will help to stave off some of those winter blues as well.
  4. Focus on your favorite indoor activities. Winter is a great time to put a little more emphasis on the things we let fall by the wayside during warmer months. Summer is great for keeping us active because its warm weather and bright shining sun entice us to step outside and enjoy the fresh air. Although we might spend more time in the pool or circling the local track, we might fall off the wagon a bit when it comes to yoga, weight training, or other indoor activities that we enjoy. Winter is the perfect time to sign up for that Pilates class, finally focus on your resistance training, or maybe test out the latest workout craze at your local gym. We often view winter as the “off season”, but with a few tweaks it can just as easily be a time for progress.

Winter is usually the most difficult time of the year for people to stay focused on health and wellness, but it doesn’t have to be. Cold weather will undoubtedly bring a change to your routine. With the right kind of planning cold weather activities can be just as enjoyable and easy to stick to as summertime exercise. Don’t dread the cold, embrace it! And keep your eye on The Leafy Kiwi for more tips and tricks to keep you moving throughout the winter months.

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